Welcome to Total Control Solutions.

At TCS we are consultants / integrators that are skilled in working with automation. Total Control Solutions has been in business since 2007. With over 30 years experience in factory automation, custom machine building and troubleshooting.  We are experts in bringing past generation machines up to current and next generation automation standards.

What We Do . . .

  • Currently I am working full time for Delta Tau Data Systems Inc. as a Field Support Engineer. For this reason I am not now pursuing any work outside of my responsibilities at Delta Tau. However I would be glad to disucss your current needs with you and make recommendations to best get your problem solved either directly with help from Delta Tau or other reliable source that I could recommend.
  •  We also work with legacy Delta Tau products, and are effective at troubleshooting, especially when it comes to machine down recovery.
  • HMI and MMI specialists with custom C#/VB interfaces to Delta Tau systems.
  • G-code and rotary buffer experts with NC type machines.
  • Total machine system design including wiring and custom breakouts to make the machine simple to its user, easy to troubleshoot, and maintain.
  • Custom breakout boards for control products to make connections to the "real world" simple.

"If we can't fix it, it ain't broke"

"If it isn't tested, it doesn't work"

"When Job is Done, It Stays Done"